Corporate Events


Give your employees or clients an experience they will never forget.  By providing world class entertainment you will get more out of your upcoming holiday parties, sales meetings, training events, and any other corporate events. 

Ty Gallenbeck has experience in working in a variety of environments and will work with you to customize a program for your next event and maximize the experience for everyone involved.  Companies all over the country have hire Ty to impress high-profile clients, show employees they are valued and provide MIND BLOWING entertainment for everyone involved.  


Close-up Strolling Magic


This is the perfect option for cocktail hours, dinners and hospitality suites. Mingly with guest and performing for small groups Ty will amaze people with his incredible slight of hand.


"He's the best I've ever seen, I try to catch him, I can't see anything, it's incredible."


This is perfect for warming up a crowd, getting people talking, handing out business cards and a great way for Ty to meet people before performing a Stage Show.  It helps break down walls and builds trust which is always a plus.



Stage Show


Ty's stage show is 45 minutes to 1hr, and is designed for crowds of 20-2000 people. The show will have people amazed, laughing, and truly MIND BLOWN.  The show is highly interactive and through the use of live video stream to projectors or television screens the whole audience feels like they are right on stage during the performance.  The show can be customized to present a specific message, or incorporate products from your company.  The possibilities are nearly endless and Ty loves making the seemingly impossible happen.



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Workfront Corporate Holiday Party

Salt Lake City Utah


Montrose Chamber of Commerce Annual Gala


FCI Contractors Stage Show

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